Car Servicing Wollaton

Located on the edge of Central Nottingham, close to the University of Nottingham, we offer car servicing in Wollaton for any model of any make. We are near to Beeston, Wilford and Bramcote.

Online Booking for Van or Car Servicing Wollaton

We offer a range of car servicing options in Wollaton for all models and makes. You can book your car servicing online using our Online Booking System. Simply enter your car registration number into the box below and select from our range of car servicing options. You then choose your choice of date and time for your car servicing, allowing you the flexibility to book your car service around your day, rather than your day around your service. Once you complete the booking we will send you a Booking Confirmation email within a few minutes.

* For vehicles under manufacturer warranty please see our Warranty Service page.

As well as Car servicing all makes and models in Wilford, we are also able to perform small van servicing for any make and model in Wilford.

mechanincs performing car servicing Nottingham - Car Servicing Wollaton

Your Choice of Car Servicing Wollaton

  • Oil Service
    • Oil & Oil Filter change
    • A basic visual check of your car
  • Prices from £50
  • Interim Service
    • Repair My Car's 28 Point Vehicle Check
  • Prices from £85
  • Full Service
    • Repair My Car's comprehensive 50 Point Vehicle Check
    • Air Filter change
  • Prices from £145

We only use top quality lubricants like Gulf fully synthetic oil and original equipment manufacturer specification service parts as part of our car servicing packages in Wollaton.

Most car manufacturers recommend that you have your car serviced at least once a year or after every 12,000 miles - whichever comes first. Having your car serviced helps to maintain it's major mechanical parts, helping to not only keep your car running for longer but also keeping you safe on the road. Our experienced technicians in Nottingham will inform you of any potential issues noticed during the car service. In addition Repair My Car based in Nottingham are able to perform car Servicing as well as any additional maintenance, fix potential issues and perform repairs on your car. 


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