Worn shock absorbers not only reduce driver comfort; they can also have serious effects on the handling and safety of your vehicle. Your car suspension is a system that includes your car's tyres and the air in them; springs; shock absorbers and the linkages between them that connect the suspension to the main body of the car. The suspension system is responsible for finding the balance between your car's road holding ability and providing you with a smooth ride.

shock absorbers, part of a car suspension system

Shock Absorbers

Faulty shock absorbers can reduce road holding, effecting braking efficiency. They can increase wear on your tyres. Faulty shocks can cause undue stress and strain on the other mechanical parts of your vehicles suspension system. Symptoms of damaged shock absorbers include:

  • Noticeable tyre shaking or vibration after hitting a bump on the road
  • The bottom of the car hitting the road (known as bottoming) when driving over rough, bumpy terrain or when reversing out of a driveway
  • A generally bumpy, overly bouncy ride

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