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We are located on the edge of central Nottingham, near to the main University of Nottingham campus. Our garage is ideally positioned to serve the areas of Beeston, Wollaton, Wilford and Bramcote with Car Diagnostics and Van Diagnostics.

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At Repair My Car, we can help diagnose problems related to your vehicle with our state of the art diagnostics equipment. Nowadays, all cars come equipped with an Enginge Control Unit (ECU). The ECU is essentially the brain of your car's engine. It collates information sent to it from sensors situated throughout the car's engine. The ECU uses this information to help the engine run at optimum performance levels. It also records any error messages that the sensors send back and, if needed, triggers the various engine warning lights on your dashboard. Depending on the age of the car these systems can include Engine Management/Fuel Injection, ABS, Traction Control, Lighting and Airbags. By connecting our state of the art diagnostics equipment to your car's ECU, we can read these error codes and use them to help work out what has gone wrong in your car. We can then work out what we need to do to get your car running at it's best again.

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If your vehicle is not driving correctly and/or is showing abnormal warning lights on the dashboard please call 01353 669990 or send us a message using our online Contact Form to book your vehicle in for an initial diagnostic check.