car exhaust after car exhaust repairs

Your car exhaust is one of the more difficult parts of your car to determine if there is an issue or not.

Unlike a flat battery or faulty engine ignition system - which would mean the car simply would not move - a damaged car exhaust system will still allow your car to run. However, there are some signs that can alert you to the fact that you may have a problem with your exhaust system:

  • Loud, roaring nosies whilst driving may signify that you have holes and/or cracks in your exhaust system that will need attention
  • Persistent rattling noises whilst the car's engine is running could point to faulty or missing brackets or connectors holding the exhaust system in place under the car
  • Rythmic, chugging sounds from the exhaust system while driving would suggest that there is a blockage within the system impairing its effectivness
  • A low, hissing noise - akin to the sound of a boiling kettle - may be indicative of a crecked gasket, pip or even the engine manifold

Whilst these noises can be annoying, ignoring them may lead to expensive repair bills.

One of the biggest danger of leaving your car exhaust system when it has problems are the exhaust fumes. Your car exhaust system is designed to filter and remove some of the substances in these fumes. Holes, cracks and leaks can allow these fumes to enter the cockpit and passenger areas of your car. This can be extremely dangerous. If you notice a strong, strange odour while driving or start to feel unexpectedly drowsy, do not hesitate to bring your car to Repair My Car in Nottingham so we can take a look at it.

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